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We will conduct our business activities in a manner that is consistent with the international best practices providing timely and responsible solutions and ensuring value for money to all our customers.

We recognize that our employees are the key to achieve the goals of the organization and we are committed to recruit, train and retain the competent people.

We Are Striving to be World class Architectural, Infrastructure, MEP & Oil & Petrochemical, Gas Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning Organization Committed to Integrity & Excellence

Core Values


We are dedicated to deliver our services in such a way that our customer can benefit them in the most efficient, cost effective and most satisfying manner possible.


We consider QHSE management and associated targets and objectives as a core value and it is part of every function


We work with our clients and vendors in a manner that our decisions and our style of interactions pay the way for success of both the parties.


We are consistent with our values and will not be wavering due to outside influences, but standing strong in what we preach and agree which will be based on honesty, ethics, fairness and justice.


We work as a single group of individuals committed to a common goal by having respect for individual contributions, consensus building, clear communication, persuasive speech and compromise.


We believe people are the most important asset of any organization. We respect and honor all people for their strengths and abilities regardless of their position, nationality, race, religion or gender.


We accept that our role and the responsibility as citizens of the world is to help improve society by taking a proactive move towards our social roles and we keep an implicit obligation to give back to the society.


We are competent in our business by a combination of pooled knowledge and technical resources that enable us to provide significant benefit to our customers.


Maximizing the value of city planning by optimizing building performance is part of having good leadership qualities. Being sustainable is part of our motto and day-to-day strategy, where professional performance is no more a difficulty to maintain. Our environmental policy and precautionary measures reduce any health-related risks for not only the city but also for individuals such as our respected clients.

Promoting superior and responsible management over design and construction has provided a better ecosystem and city layout for upcoming generations.

Here at GULF ENGINEERING CONTRACTING COMPANY, we understand sustainability based on innovativedesigns and development that meets the technological standards of today without negatively affecting the needs of the future. Therefore, high efficiency, adaptability, and durability of our projects provided within a safe environment are the framework to our margins in design.


Providing flawless level of safety in order to prevent any accident from happening is of high priority for GULF. Being one of the safest establishment in the industry, we are devoted to creating a comfortable yet stable atmosphere for workers on site, and for our employees and clients. We train all employees to follow the safety protocols and perform accordingly

A successful business can only maintain its image if these standards are met, hence, we audit to monitor our performance in regard to safety. Elimination of risks and protection of staff is not only a goal at GULF, it is a must. We plan to retain our safety standards by constantly updating and adapting our system with the changes in environment and technology


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